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Corrosion Control Schools -- Training and Degree Granting

The attempt here will be to provide you with information (usually links to other web sites) about educational opportunities in the Cathodic Protection field. Most of the time such schools and seminars will involve other topics from the broader science of corrosion and corrosion control.

NACE logo NACE offers a large selection of training and certification opportunities which you may review at Education pages of the NACE website. The NACE Cathodic Protection (CP) Training and Certification Program is a comprehensive program designed for individuals working in the field of cathodic protection—from the beginner to the specialist. The CP program is designed to provide a solid education in cathodic protection technology regardless of the individual's experience.

The Corrosion Technology program at Kilgore Collegeleads to an Associate of Applied Science Degree/Certificate. The student learns to utilize chemistry, electricity, physics, metallurgy and an understanding of protective coating to prevent or control corrosion damage. Kilgore College offers the only Community College program of its kind in the nation. Kilgore College

has been held at West Virginia University since 1955. The logo at the left links to their website where you may explore all aspects of AUCSC.

The University of Oklahoma Outreach presents an Annual Corrosion Control Course. The course provides fundamental training for corrosion control personnel. It has existed since 1952. You may go to their website by following the link here Corrosion Control Course at The Universtity of Oklahoma

The Annual Western States Corrosion Seminar is regularly held at California State Polytechnic University. This school began in 1966.

Some opportunities for advanced studies, leading to advanced degrees, in the field of corrosion exist at the Fontana Corrosion Center at The Ohio State University. Some short courses are also listed here.

A very extensive list of professors at Colleges and Universities throughout the world is maintained by NACE. It appears that every entry contains contact information as well as the URL of a website at the school. The list may be browsed according to State of Province and Country. NACE labels this database as Academic Links.

Corrosion and Protection Centre in the School of Materials at the University of Manchester in Manchester, England offers postgraduate study opportunities. UMIST offers MSc, PH.D degrees and research opportunities.

The University of Akron's Corrosion and Reliability Engineering Degree will be the the nation's first baccalaureate degree in Corrosion Engineering. Beginning in the fall of 2010, The University of Akron will be the first university in the United States to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Corrosion Engineering. From the above link you may get information about the curriculum, scholarships, admission requirements, etc.