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Services Offered by Del Wegener

   VITA of Delano P. Wegener, Ph.D.    
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I have been fortunate to have had the privilege of working in a variety of areas.
My vita is arranged so that it is easy to read only those areas of interest to you.

  Website Design, Development, and Maintenance    

The target audience dictates the visual appearance of a website. For example, teenagers looking for interactive computer games, academics looking for research results, and art lovers looking for great paintings would require very different website designs. Design of a Web site requires a knowledge of the target audience. That is why Dr. Wegener specializes in websites for organizations in the Cathodic Protection industry. However he has developed (and will consider developing) others.

In addition to DelWeg.Com, here are some websites developed and maintained by Dr. Wegener.
CorrosionJobs.Com     Allied Corrosion     Electrochemical Devices     CP Design Center
Amputee Support Group     College-Algebra.Com     AT Linear Anode Design Tool
and a completely utilitarian (not much design consideration) website for my mathematics classes.

   Mathematics Professor    
In the recent past Dr. Wegener has taught as an adjunct professor of mathematics at St. Louis University, St. Louis Community College at Meramec, and Jefferson County Community College. See the VITA for complete past teaching history.
Currently Dr. Wegener restricts his teaching to an adjunct position at St. Louis Community College at Meramec.

   Mathematics Instruction Consultant    

Dr. Wegener has extensive experience teaching mathematics to adults at all levels, from remedial arithmetic to graduate level courses in Number Theory and Algebra. He has studied teaching and learning theories extensively and has developed teaching methods based on these theories and principles. The most cited principles come from Bloom, Gagne, and Merrill.

Dr. Wegener is available to present lectures and/or workshops for both faculty and students at the community college or university level.

   Contact Information    
Delano P. Wegener
1110 Cardinal Drive
Imperial, MO 63052
e-mail: del@delweg.com
Phone: (636) 461-4048