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DelWeg Library (Lobby)
The DelWeg Library is a virtual library consisting of three virtual wings (The CBT Wing, the CP Wing, and Special Collections) and a virtual Exhibit Hall. You are currently in the virtual lobby. The four virtual parts of the library are not connected except through this virtual lobby. To move from one wing to the other, you must return to this lobby.

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The history of Computer Based Training dates back to 1957 when The National Science Foundation funded projects at The University of Illinois and Brigham Young University. Forty years of research and development have produced huge amounts of literature about Computer Based Training.

DelWeg CBT Library will give you a very good introduction to the subject of Computer Based Training by providing online reading material and references to standard print material.

The CP Wing of the DelWeg Library contains material of particular interest to the cathodic protection practitioner. The emphasis will be on short articles, written by experienced cathodic protection engineers, about the tools and procedures used by a cathodic protection technician or engineer. In addition there are references to online topics as well as offline resources.

This collection of resources should be useful to anyone wanting a review of, or introduction to, any topic related to work normally performed by a cathodic protection technician. This is a growing collection of cathodic protection resources, so check back often.

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The Exhibit Hall contains both permanent and temporary exhibits. The exhibits are comprised of collections of objects found on the web which may be of interest to either the CBT or the CP practitioner. Take a few minutes to enjoy the displays which you find here.

Present exhibits consist of collections of calculators and glossaries.

Popular search engines provide access to only approximately 3% of what is actually available on the Internet. In many ways the 97% which is not produced by popular search engines is the more valuable and more reliable.

Some of the cathodic protection which is overlooked by popular search engines will be available in this wing of the DelWeg Library.

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