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Dr. Wegener has written a number of research articles, textbooks, and essays in the areas of cathodic protection, education, computer based training, and mathematics.  Each of the books has been published although some may now be out of print.  The research articles have been published in refereed journals.  Distribution of the essays has largely been via the Internet with some receiving considerable attention in schools of education.  Dr. Wegener’s writings or references to them are included in this library. Since technical writing is very detail oriented, even a proofreading service may need to review an article several times.

The technical Papers section of this DelWeg library contains corrosion and cathodic protection articles from around the WWW.  A bewildering array of material about corrosion control and cathodic protection may be found on the Internet.  The intent here is to provide easy access to accurate introductory articles about cathodic protection. These articles are written by well established and respected authorities in the corrosion control industry.  This collection of CP related articles is expected to grow.  Suggestions for inclusion are welcome.

The reference library contains a short list of basic references in each of the areas: Cathodic Protection, Teaching and Learning, Instructional Design, and Computer Based Instruction.  These lists are intended to be a good starting library for a newcomer to field.   Experts will already have more extensive libraries which include these fundamental references.

The Online References contain links to a variety of excellent resources for Computer Based Training (CBT). With some suggestions, this CBT listing should increase and improve over time.

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