Basic Terms of Computer Based Training
an essay by
Delano P Wegener, Ph.D.
Definition: Computer Based Training is the use of computers to help people learn.

CBT is not quite as simple as implied by the above definition. To begin with, literature (and conversation) is filled with many other names and acronyms.

Items in the following list are synonyms and are used to reflect the emphasis of the writer or speaker. Thus CBT is used if the writer wishes to emphasize training, CBE to emphasize education, CBL to highlight learning, and so on. But they all refer to Computer Based Training.

  • Technology Based Learning (TBL)
  • Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • Computer Based Education (CBE)
  • Computer Based Learning (CBL)
  • Computer Based Instruction (CBI)

The term Technology Based Training (TBL) is used to deflect attention away from the computer, to emphasize training, and to recognize that in reality any form of CBT uses several different technologies.

To focus attention on training, the term Computer Based Training (CBT) will be used at DelWeg.Com .

CBT contains the following three components:

  • Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI)
  • Computer Managed Instruction (CMI)
  • Computer Supported Learning Resources (CSLR)

In order to fully understand CBT, it is necessary to examine the meaning of each of its components.

Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI):
CAI is the use of a computer in the actual instructional process. Implementation of CAI uses any (or all) of the following six modes of CAI.

  • Tutorial
  • Drill and Practice
  • Instructional Game
  • Modeling
  • Simulation
  • Problem Solving

Computer Managed Instruction (CMI):
CMI is the use of a computer to manage instruction and involves each of the following three modes of CMI.

  • Testing
  • Prescription Generation
  • Record keeping

Computer Supported Learning Resources (CSLR):
CSLR is the use of a computer to provide access to information to be used by a learner in the learning process. The four modes of CSLR are:

  • Data bases
  • Telecommunications
  • Expert Systems
  • Hypermedia

Computer Education and Laptop Information: